Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's been a long week!

Yesterday afternoon, Shaun and I headed to the SCS gym to shoot around for a bit. We were meeting a few of the guys Shaun coaches there, and we were running late (surprise!). As we hurried across the valley, we hit every...and I mean EVERY red light. There are probably a dozen stoplights between our house and school and every single one of them was red. I was...well...disgruntled. We were almost there when I looked at the clock in the car and mumbled under my breath, "This is so's the story of our life."

Shaun looked over at me and said plainly, "But we're okay."

'Of course he'd say that,' I thought. But as quickly as that cynical thought crossed my mind and I all but rolled my eyes, I caught myself.

There have been so many times lately when I have needed my husband to be point out the reassure me that this is not the end of the road for us. I'm so thankful for him.

"Yeah, I guess we are okay, huh?" I replied.

We're okay.

My doctor said to me this past week, "You can't wait to start your family until you have children. You start if before that with just the two of you. You have to take care of each other and invest in your family now."

So, while our family looks nothing like I thought it would, it's still our family. We've made it through so much in the past year. We've still got each other. God still has a plan for us. We're okay.


  1. love this post, courtney. thanks for sharing the red lights honestly. i've enjoyed watching you respond to the green lights too.

  2. You express yourself beautifully with words, Courtney. How I cherish the friendship that is blooming between our families- we continue to pray for you and Shaun as the Lord heals your hearts and gives you joy and hope for the future. xo