Saturday, January 2, 2010


I love that word.

I loved celebrating the New Year this week…I really feel like it’s an accomplishment for some reason. Maybe I’m just ready for 2009 to be over and 2010 to begin.

It was so funny…I was sitting in my living room on New Year’s Eve with great friends watching the fireworks go off of the top of the Space Needle, and I just wanted to jump up and down! Partly because I LOVE fireworks, but mostly because I felt a fresh hope creep up inside of me for what’s to come this year. I’m praying and trusting the Lord for big things – in our marriage, in our employment, in our family, in our ministry. But, most of all, I know that God’s making me new to better reflect Who He is.

As I let go and surrender to His work, not only do I feel greater peace day to day, I can also trust Him for our future. Good or bad, I’m not alone and His purposes for me are greater than I can comprehend.

And, as we move into a new year, I keep finding little ways to avoid leaving Zachary behind. Sometimes those things seem like a miserable substitute for having him here, but it’s nice to incorporate the memory of our son into our lives…at least until we see him again.

May you be blessed with a newness of life as we begin this year, trusting the Lord for whatever it holds.

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  1. YOU ROCK COURTNEY! And we hope to walk alongside you guys in the "NEW"!!