Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I’m sitting on the porch swing right now, keeping an eye on the chicken on the grill, and waiting for Shaun to get home from painting.

But we’re both waiting for the phone to ring. It’s agonizing. Shaun is waiting for a phone call about a job possibility…a possibility that would end the burden of the financial pressure we feel. I’m also waiting to hear about a job…one that would allow me to fulfill my passion.

I know God’s got it all under control, but I just desperately want something to go right tonight. Please pray for us…for peace, for direction, for the desire to wake up again tomorrow morning with purpose no matter what the answers are.


  1. Awwww!! Praying for you both right now Courtney! Praying for a little bit of relief as a result of receiving steady employment for you both. Update us with any news if you guys get it -- good or bad, so we can keep praying.

  2. ITS Sarah Shawns cousin van essen side... We are praying for you. You haven't gone far from our hearts