Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today I received an anonymous letter in the mail from someone who was clearly offended by something I had written a couple weeks ago about Christian Faith Center and the church in general. It’s something I want to address, but because that person did not sign the letter, I have no choice but to respond here. So, if you had no strong opinions about what I posted, please don’t waste your time reading this! :-)

What I had written about the church being made up of “weird people” was lighthearted, and I was including myself in that bunch. Sometimes I think we should all just take ourselves a little less seriously. And, I think it’s important that non-Christian don’t see us as “having it all together”…that’s all. And, as far as Christian Faith Center, I know that God uses that facility and church body to do great things. My observation was my initial reaction to the size of the structure and the bookstore, and, honestly, I don’t agree theologically with some of the things that are taught from the pulpit. That’s okay. It wasn’t intended to be a slam at CFC or anyone who attends there, and I’m sorry that you found my thoughts offensive. If you’re going to join me on this journey that I’m walking, and especially if you know me personally, please trust my heart behind my words instead of getting tangled up in the words themselves. But, I am sorry that I offended you. I wish I could apologize personally.

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