Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, it was a long 24 hours of travel as Shaun said, but we're in Haiti! I can't believe it! Flying in yesterday, all I could see out of the window of the plane was multi-colored makeshift tents for those who have been left homeless or are too afraid to go back into their homes. As we drove through the streets of Port Au Prince, it was just as bad as the pictures on the news. Piles of crumbled cement...mounds of trash burning on street corners...and beautiful people with the resiliency I don't think any American can understand.

When we arrived at the missionaries' home where we slept last night, my friend Lexie and I walked over to a boys' home that they've converted to a hospital. Thirty beds, patients ranging in age from 17 days to 70 years. Broken bones, malaria, infected wounds. On one of the cots was a woman who had been literally crushed in the earthquake. She had suffered an open pelvic fracture, and both of her legs had been had to be amputated and one was stabilized in an external fixator. While she herself was a miracle, she also held in her arms a miracle. At the time of the quake this woman was 9 months pregnant, and after her rescue, she delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl via C-section. She's beautiful.

I don't get how God can bring something so good from something so bad, but that's what He does. It doesn't change how painful and horrific the situation is, but He brings beauty from ashes.

We're headed out to Desallines this morning...I hear it's a bumpy 4-hour drive into the hills where we will be staying for the rest of the week. I doubt I will have internet or cell reception, but we'll see. I'm so, so thankful for the opportunity to be learn. Keep praying!

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  1. Been praying for you everyday, Court! (and you too Shaun). Love you guys! -Derek