Sunday, February 21, 2010

Courtney is safe in Haiti

My first official post for Courtney...:) I received a text this morning from her. They made it to Haiti safe and she is so excited for the opportunity ahead. The first prayer request is for energy and strength. They had to "sleep" in the airport last night, which meant about an hour of sleep. As I understand it, they are in a vehicle on the way to the town where they will be helping the local pastor with some building projects and setting up a clinic to treat people medically. Pray for safety in travel. I believe the town they will be at is about 90 miles north of Port Au Prince. Lastly, pray for cell service so I can receive updates (this is a selfish request). Thanks for all your prayers, as well as financial support. I believe that Courtney has raised about $6000 so far. That is a big blessing that will be used in mighty ways in Haiti. Thank you for giving.

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