Friday, August 21, 2009

'Thankful Rocks'

I feel like we’re really starting to turn a corner...kind of like Pocahontas coming around the riverbend in her canoe.  (Actually, that was really not one of my favorite Disney movies, and I started singing, ‘Just Around the Riverbend’ in my best Disney voice the other day in the car, and Shaun was like ‘no, no – make it stop!’  So, maybe that’s a bad example…)  In all honesty, though, we’ve said ‘goodbye’ to so many things we had planned on and dreamt of, and I’d love to think that we’re right on the cusp of saying ‘hello’ to some exciting new things…like maybe God’s going to start working on writing a new chapter (or maybe He already has been, and I just haven’t been able to read it yet).  And, just like a story, it’s building on what’s already been written.  It’s not a new book...we aren’t starting over…and, frankly, I don’t want to.  I guess I don’t have a choice, but I’m really okay with where we’re at and cautiously optimistic about what God has for us just a few more steps down this road.  (This ‘cautiously optimistic’ thing is new territory for me, though.  I’ve always been the kind of person to throw myself into ‘hopeful-land’ with very little reservation.  It feels kind of restricting.)

When people have asked me recently how we’re doing, the answer is usually just a truthful ‘okay,’ but I tell them that God’s still good through every season of life, and those words are not empty.  I’ve discovered that when life falls apart, our response is based on a foundational belief that God is good and His purposes are motivated by an awesome love.  If I don’t believe that God is good, especially when bad things happen, I will become a bitter person, angry with God and inhibiting to His work.

So, Shaun and I have started our ‘Thankful Rocks’ this week.  It sounds (and looks) kind of funny, but we’ve decided that every time God chooses to bless us, or we’re struck with a specific way that God has shown his goodness in our lives, we’ll write it down with a Sharpee on a rock and put it in the ‘Thankful Vase.’  I’ll have to post a picture, but it serves as a great visual reminder that we’re so blessed.  It all goes back to Phil. 4:8…what am I going to dwell on?...what will occupy the majority of my thoughts?.  So far, our rocks say ‘Home’, ‘Marriage’ and ‘Food.’  (That last one was Shaun’s contribution.)  J

 We’re off to go camping this weekend with our friends!  If the weather holds up, maybe ‘Camping’ will be our next ‘Thankful Rock’! 

 Again, we really are so grateful for the prayers of those of you who love us and recognize that this road is long.  I can’t say it enough…Thank you.


  1. If I had thankful rocks, it would have your names on them.

  2. We are thankful for both of you and the friendship that you share with us. We are truly blessed to have you both in our lives and we love you guys!

  3. I thought of you when reading this story and more stories about this family. You are a testimate to God's grace and love.