Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I haven't sat down to write in quite some time, so I should probably take advantage of a quiet moment and catch up a bit. This will probably be random...

Life is....good. I'm learning everyday, but sometimes I feel like I'm doing so many things and none of them to the best of my ability. I'm a wife, a mommy, a homemaker, and I work two part-time jobs. Most of those labels are not optional. Mouths must be fed, laundry must be done, and at this time in our lives, I need to bring in some income. I just don't want to miss out on the incredible blessings of each day with Shaun and Kaylee. This weekend our pastor was teaching on what it means to be a godly woman, and one of the things he said is, "Your home needs to be your headquarters." That's what I want more than anything, so I'm just learning to re-focus and structure my life in a way that that is true. And, more than anything, I want what God wants for my life. I tacked up a piece of paper in my office at church yesterday that says, "Live Faithfully, Live Intentionally, Live Missionally, Live Expectantly." That is my heart's desire as I walk in faith and follow the Lord's leading.

Last week I went to SPU where I did my nursing education to share with the OB class our story of losing Zachary at the invitation of one of my former professors. Everything in me wanted to decline...it just seemed a little bit to difficult to relive that pain, and I hate...and I mean hate...talking in front of groups. But, God reminded me very clearly that it's really HIS story to tell, and that He can share it in whatever way He wants to. My job is to steward our testimony well and make the most of every opportunity to proclaim His faithfulness. And, it went so well. I really feel like the Lord directed my thoughts. I actually had an awesome sense of peace knowing that all I had to do was say yes, and God took it from there.

What else has gone on in the past several weeks...

Well, over a month ago now we had the privilege of dedicating Kaylee with our church family. What a day! While I grieved that her big brother was not on the stage with us, it was really such a special opportunity to commit ourselves as parents to raise her to know and love Jesus.

And, just in the past couple of weeks Kaylee has discovered her feet (and has quite the affection for them), laughed for the first time, rolled over, copied us making kissy faces at her, reached out to grab toys, and more. At times I just wish I could push the pause button...I can't even believe that four months have gone by. I just want to soak in every day with my sweet family.

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  1. Courtney - that's awesome that you were able to share your story about Zachary with SPU. That's one of the many reasons God wanted you to be Zachary's momma. God knew that you would share your story and change others lives because of it. Praise God for that!